The Toa Mata. Kopaka, Pohatu, Tahu, Gali, Lewa, and Onua.

The Toa Mata are 6 Toa. Gali, Kopaka, Lewa, Onua, Pohatu, and Tahu. They were built on the island of Mata Nui. To your right is a picture of the Toa Mata. Enjoy. Is that not enough information? I will keep editing my unfinished pages. Or maybe you could.


  • These Toa have had 3 different forms: Mata, Nuva and Phantoka/Mistika, with the exception of Tahu, who had a Stars variation.
  • The Toa Mata were actually the THIRD set of figures, the first being the Turaga and second being the Rahi.
  • The Toa Mata made a somewhat insulting quarter-second cameo in The LEGO Movie, where the character Wyldstyle mentioned it along with other themes as "Other things that don't need to be mentioned." Yeah, nice move.