Brownpirakawallpaper800x600 2-1-

Bionicle Heroes Avak.


Bionicle Heroes Toa Inika left to right. Hahli, Nuparu, Matoro, Hewkii, Jaller, and Kongu.

Piraka wallpaper 1024x768-1-

Bionicle Heroes Piraka left to right. Reidak, Vezok, Hakann, Zaktan, Thok, and Avak.

Bionicle-heroes-20060508070631657 640w-1-

Nuparu and Vezok face-to-face.

Bionicle Heroes is a video game released in 2006-2007. Playable characters include the Toa Inika. Unlockable, playable characters include the Piraka and Vezon. (Without Fenrakk. Just Vezon). Do you see a picture with Nuparu and Vezok on it? If you said yes, then GREAT!
Greenpiraka2 wallpaper 1024x768-1-

Bionicle Heroes Zaktan.